Friday, April 17, 2009

The 90 BPM songs I listen to when running

After my post yesterday about loading your iPod with 90 Beat per Minute (BPM) songs to help run at proper cadence, I had a few requests asking what music I listened to when running. Well let me tell you, the list below took some trial and error. A few of the songs I would never have imagined listening to, but tried them out since they were 90 BPM and found them to be very inspirational. Below is the list I have narrowed it down to.

Artist, Song Title, BPM
U2, One, 90
Incubus, Drive, 91
Sublime, Santeria, 91
Nine Inch Nails, Closer, 90
ACDC, Back in Black, 92
Jimmy Buffett, Love and Luck, 93
Jimmy Buffett, One Particular Harbor, 93
Cracker, This is Cracker Soul, 90
George Thorogood, Night Time, 90
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Give it Away, 91
Van Morrison, Bright Side of the Road, 89
Stiff Little Fingers, Tin Soldiers, 91
Jimmy Buffett, Volcano, 89
Neil Diamond, I am....I said, 89
Neil Diamond, Forever in Blue Jeans, 90
Neil Diamond, Holy Holy, 89

If you have other songs that are near 90 BPM that are not listed here that you think are great running tunes, please post a comment or shoot me an email so I can check them out. Thanks!


  1. Ashley Parker Angel, Let you go
    My old Friend, Tim McGraw
    Ugly, Bubba Sparkks

  2. but why 90 bpm and not 163 or 147 or ANY other, faster pace?

  3. 90 bpm works out to the ideal number of times per minute your right foot (or left) should hit the ground for maximum efficiency according to experts like Jack Daniels, ChiRunning, etc. I figure the range between 88 and 92 all works out to feel about the same. Double the number and you get the number of times per minute that both feet hit the ground. So 90 bpm is same as 180 bpm.

    That said, there's lots of inspiring and motivational tunes at other rates. I actually have several others that I listen to that are much faster bpm, but I've run so much with the 90 bpm songs, my cadence naturally stays at 90 bpm now regardless of whether I'm listening to tunes or not.

    If you read the previous post titled "running with an iPod", the idea is to use bpm as a training tool to help you dial in the perfect cadence for your stride with the idea you try to have your right foot hitting the ground match the beat of the song. If all songs on your iPod are 90 or 180 bpm, then you have a constant reminder of what the ideal cadence is.

    Make sense?

  4. I was just seeing the video of "Ryan Hall" down there. Wow that's amazing how can he run so easily? He ran 8 miles within 35+ mins and I ran /fast walked 4.6 miles and it took me 1:30 hours today. LOLZ. I can't run more than 3-5 mins continuously lolz.