Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recovery time...so far, so good!

Had a long plane ride over to Honolulu on Monday. In Hawaii for business this week. Was actually surprised and happy to not have any sharp pains or injury related pain after the marathon...and no issues with blisters either. This morning I went for a 3 mile run to get the blood flowing. The first mile was really slow and hard because my quads just didn't want to cooperate. Definitely have a good case of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) like you get after a hard workout of lifting weights.

Good news is during the second mile everything started to loosen up and by mile 3 I was cruising along near marathon pace feeling great. After all the pain and agony leading up to the Rock N Roll Marathon with that damn calf muscle injury, I'm so happy now to be able to run again without pain! Is funny, but it's as if going the full 26.2 miles actually worked out the problem I was having in my calf muscle as now it feels great...strange, but good.

They say you should take it easy for the week or two following a marathon. I definitely plan to do that, but instead of staying off my feet, I've decided to run a little bit each day to keep things working and hopefully avoid calf injury relapse. I still think the injury I've been suffering is caused by scar tissue that forms during the healing process so maybe this time around if I stay active it won't happen...? Keeping my fingers crossed...that's for sure. Cheers from Hawaii.

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  1. Mike, you're sound! Body and soul! WooHoo...remember to RUNFASTA!!!!! We'll be cheering you on from Minnesota;)