Wednesday, September 9, 2009

32 Days Until Chicago Marathon!

Time is flying by. Hard to believe race day is only 32 days from now. Seems only a few months ago i was running Chicago, but it's been 11 months! As noted in my previous post, my training is going very good. So nice to be running injury free.

On separate subject, I have my first coaching client. Is a 27 year old mom who is determined to qualify for the Boston Marathon. She's a natural athlete who's raced a lot of triathlons and recently knocked out a 2:01 time at the AFC Half Marathon without much training. We started with a 5K time trial to establish a baseline I then used to create a custom training program. She's signed up to race the Arizona RNR Marathon in January. Her qualifying time is 3:40 so BQ there is an aggressive goal, but based on what she's done the first two weeks of new training program and her natural abilities, I think it is possible. For me, it's fun to help and will be great to see her make it happen.

Have a great week and enjoy the journey!

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