Monday, September 7, 2009

First post using iPhone app

A quick post to test iPhone app. Have been enjoying the addition of bike and swim to my running workouts. Seems the cross training is helping as I'm definitely getting stronger and faster each week. Went for a 20 mile run on Sunday that started with 4 miles easy at 9:05-9:08 pace and my avg HR only 125. Then picked up pace to 7:05-7:20 range for final 16 miles. Did stop to buy Gatorade twice, but all in all a great run and happy my HR stayed in the 150's even when running at 7:05 pace. Can only attribute it to healthier/stronger cardio due to extra time on bike and swimming.

Chicago Marathon is coming fast. One more month! Current plan is train for 3:10 target race time and run with that pace group so I have 10 minutes of cushion built in for walking at aid stations and the inevitable slow down in pace the last 6 miles. Need to finish with a time of 3:20 or faster in order to qualify for Boston. At the moment, I'm feeling good, injury free and BQ seems very doable. Only time will tell. Happy trails!

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  1. Good luck on qualifying for Boston! Chicago is a good choice being a flat course. I was planning to run, but have a foot injury so I'm jealous :) Saw Ryan Hall at Philly Distance Run (of course he won) and you're right, he's amazing.

    Keep up the pace! Monica