Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Only 33 More Days Until Boston Marathon!!!

My training has been great. Averaging 50+ miles a week and put in 62 last week. Best news is no injuries and legs very strong. Have done a good amount of hill training and quite happy with the results. Basic training plan has been three fast tempo runs per week in the 6 to 10 mile range with a couple shorter recover runs of 2 to 4 miles on the off days plus a long run on Sunday's of 18 to 22 miles. Tempo runs I've been shooting for average pace in the 6:40 to 6:50/mile range with a few mixed in at 6:20 to 6:30 just for fun. Really feels like I'm flying when running at that pace.

For the longer run on Sunday, our legs are already tired from all the hard tempo workouts so the pace is in the 8:00 to 8:30/mile range. Something new I started in January after getting some coaching from a guy named Hal Goforth who is an exercise physiologist that is returning to Boston this year to run it for the 36th not eating before or during the long runs. Idea is to put the body into a glycogen-depleted state to force the liver to train itself to be more efficient at converting fat to usable fuel (glycogen). We eat a normal meal the night before, then on Sunday the only thing I have is a cup of coffee when I first wake up...until about a half hour after the long run is complete. No water, no sport drink, and no Gu or gels while running.

First time I did this I did hit the wall at about mile 12 so the last 3 miles were very hard and slow. However, I didn't really miss the water and was surprised how good I felt afterwards. I had visions of being couch potato the rest of the day, but was no problem. Since then, my liver must be getting healthier because now I'm able to run all the way up to 22 miles with no issues and feel strong at finish. That said, on race day we'll have a normal pre-race breakfast and I'll be consuming Gu several times during the race. This crazy no food idea is strictly for training, but I do think it is working.

Looking at the calendar, it's roughly 5 weeks until race day. Have 3 more long run Sunday's to go and then it's taper time. Last weekend I managed to do 18 mile run with 14 of them at my target race pace = 7:04/mile. Although I was tired at end of run, I think I'll be good on race day to run that pace for the full marathon assuming the weather cooperates. All for now. Will post more as we get closer to April 19th!

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