Sunday, April 18, 2010

T minus 11.5 Hours until my start time at the Boston Marathon!

Race day has arrived...wahoo! The past 48 hours have been fantastic here in Boston. Amazing experience. So glad to be a part of it and thoroughly enjoying the ride. Have had several scares in the injury department this week (mostly related to my right calf muscle). Been doing lots of stretching and using "the stick" to break things up. Pre-race worries reached max levels when we got back from dinner tonight. I couldn't shake this feeling in my head that both my calf muscles were tight and going to haunt me. Ended up going down to the hotel fitness center and running on the treadmill for 5 mins to put my mind at ease. Happy to report all felt great, so breathing a little easier now.

Weather has been cold with on/off rain since I arrived early Saturday morning. Good news is we saw our first glimpse of blue sky and sunshine this afternoon...and as I write this, is forecasting 47 degree temp at 10am (wave 1 start time) with winds in the 10-15mph range from the north west = cross wind the first 17 miles, but should be tailwind as we enter the Newton Hills and carry us to the finish. Could change, but with race time only 11.5 hours from now, it shouldn't change much.

Time to sign off and get some rest, but before I go, want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who has sent a text, email or Facebook post. Your support is greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. Way to go, Mike!!! He's off! I'll be getting Mike's progress via AT&T mobile alerts! :)