Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wahoo! New PR at the NYC Marathon!

Everything came together on race day. The weather was cold and clear. My body was healthy and injury free. The crowds along the course were unbelievable. And, the good vibes and well wishes from family and friends really special.

Starting out in Staten Island, they fired off a canon to start the race and played New York, New York as us runners headed out to conquer the course. It was really windy going across the first bridge. Once on the other side, it was a big relief to feel the sunshine and get out of the wind.

Was really impressed with the number of people that came out and their attitude. Unlike many marathons where people show up to cheer their friends on and don't say much until they see their friends, at NYC fans were cheering, screaming, and making noise the whole time for all runners. The energy from crowd was like a playoff football game. Just amazing.

My race plan was to run at an even effort that felt comfortably fast versus try to maintain specific mile splits. I had a good start number so most the people around me were fast runners. The first half I felt great and although I knew I was running faster than I should be, it just felt good so I went with it. My half marathon split was 1:30:30, which works out to a 6:55 average pace.

Someday I'll run that the whole distance, but on this day in NYC, the last half of the course got the best of me with what seemed like another 13 miles of uphill or downhill running. I did manage to hold on and recovered a bit of time between miles 16 and 22. Miles 22-25 were brutal with most of it uphill. Once I passed mile 25 I knew I was on the home stretch. We turned onto Central Park South, which was 1/2 mile uphill into the wind blowing about 10mph. I tucked in behind a big guy who was running a nice pace and held on...then gave it all I had to run the last 800 meters at about 6:15 pace which felt like I was sprinting.

As you pass the 26 mile mark you start up another hill. Good news was I had enough gas left to rally so it really didn't slow me down and I just kept running as fast as I could all the way to the finish. My goal was 3 hours and 10 minutes. Happy to report my finish time was 3:10:32! A new personal record and very satisfying event.

The next marathon I'm doing is Boston, which is April 18th. Plan to take a few weeks off to rest and recuperate, then start my Boston training mid-December. Thanks to everyone who was out there on the course cheering us on and thanks to all my friends and family for the support. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NYC Marathon here we go!

Training has been great and I'm injury free...knock, knock, knock...that was the sound of me knocking on some wood. :-)

Weather here in San Diego was 92 degrees today. Forecast for NYC on Sunday is a low of 33 degrees and high of 49. Huge difference! I'm hoping the cool temps will reward fast times and many PR's like it did last year in Chicago.

The build up for NYC Marathon has been really fun. So many people run it (45,000) there is a ton of excitement in the air. Time to sign off and head to the airport. Will send an update along the way. Cheers and RunFasta!!!